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Providing auto glass repair for Denton, Texas! Whether you need a windshield repair, a windshield replacement, window tinting or fixing a small crack in your window- we are the premier service in Denton for your auto glass repair needs! 

Windshield Repair Services

Safety is the most critical issue in the automotive space. You may need to drive only for a short distance– but in the case of a damaged, cracked or broken windshield, it is best to get the windshield repaired or replaced earlier rather than later. The windshield is an essential part of ensuring structural stability to your vehicle. Driving with a broken windshield is not safe for both the driver and the passengers as the glass becomes weaker after damage caused by a collision or impact.

Call Denton Auto Glass Repair to schedule a windshield repair or windshield replacement. We will provide service at your home or business location or anywhere in the Oahu area. If we cannot safely repair your windshield for any reason, our Denton mobile service technician can replace the windshield should that be the only option. You can refer to the following to find out if someone can safely repair your windshield or if you will need to replace it.

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Windshield Services we offer:

  • fixing my windshield, crack in windshield repair service Window Tint
  • Windshield Replacement
  • Windshield Chip Repair
  • Power Window Repair
  • Vehicle Wrap
  • Partial Wrap
  • Residential Glass Replacement
  • Residential Glass Repair
  • Commercial Glass Replacement
  • Commercial Glass Repair
  • Front and Rear Door Glass
  • Side Mirrors
  • Back Windows
  • We Cover All Auto Glass

Fix the chip before it is too late

If you intend to save yourself from the trouble of completely replacing the windshield later, you should immediately consider fixing a small chip or crack in your windshield.

You can refer to the following rule to find if you can safely repair your windshield or not:

When we can repair your windshield when:

1. The crack is smaller than or equal to the size of a credit card

2. The crack is not in the driver’s line of sight

3. The crack does not go all the way through the glass

4. Usually if the smaller crack is in the middle of the windshield, it is easier to fix – as opposed to the crack being at the edge of your windshield.

In case any of the three rules are not valid, you should ask for a quote to replace the windshield instead of thinking of repairing it.

It is vital that you fix your windshield right away. A rough road or scorching heat can spread the windshield damage faster- and with the Texas heat, damages related to heat can be very common. In some cases, we could have repaired the windshield- but since too much time went by, we will need to do a replacement. To avoid a higher cost of a windshield replacement- call us right away so we can decipher whether you need just a repair or a replacement. You may choose to either repair or replace with advanced technology and the best quality materials from our expert team at Denton Auto Glass Repair with a reliable service as our promise. You can also schedule windshield replacement or repair at your home or office with our convenient mobile service by calling us today.

We are in the market to repair and replace windshields and auto glass on all kinds of vehicles. We provide our services for passenger automobiles, commercial vehicles, recreational vehicles, and more.

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How Rock Chips are Repaired

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We repair minor windshield damages by using a vacuum injection device. The injector forces a clear resin into the damaged area, which smooths the break and restores the glass clarity on your cracked windshield. We will fix your cracked windshield and make it look brand new again.

Please note that a vacuum injection device can only repair minor cracks and not the large ones. If there is extensive chipping on your windshield glass, you should consider replacing it. Since small chips can fast turn into big cracks, it’s best to repair them at the earliest to avoid an emergency windshield replacement.

What type of damage can be repaired?

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If the damage on your windshield meets specific criteria, we can quickly fix it in most cases. If the following criteria are confirmed, we can perhaps repair the cracks. It can save you time and money since almost all the insurance companies waive the deductible if you fix the windshield and not replace it.

  • Chips have to be smaller than the size of a quarter. (The entire crack is less than a quarter).

  • We cannot repair if the crack goes through the glass in its entirety. The chip must only be in the upper layer of the laminated glass.

  • We cannot repair the chips or dings on the inside surface of the windshield- must only be on the outside.

Advantages of Repairing Car Glass

On-time repairs help the damage from spreading to other parts of the windshield. It takes only about half hour to mend minor cracks, and it is comparatively cheaper. It helps you to restore glass clarity and durability. Moreover, insurance companies also encourage coverage of insurance claims for repairs.


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