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Providing auto glass repair for Denton, Texas! Whether you need a windshield repair, a windshield replacement, window tinting or fixing a small crack in your window- we are the premier service in Denton for your auto glass repair needs! 

How do I know if I need to replace my windshield?

In some cases, windshield repair is impossible, and you will need to replace the windshield in your vehicle. Call us and we can help advise you on whether you need a windshield repair or a windshield replacement.

Here are some ways to tell if you need a windshield replacement: 

  • If the chip is not less than 14 inches or the bull’s eye in the crack is longer than 3 inches, then go for replacement. Please don’t delay as it may quickly spread the chipping to other areas of the windshield.

  • If the crack or chip has extended to the windshield’s edges and has reached the frame, consider replacing it. A repair in such a scenario is impossible, and continuing to drive will further compromise your safety, and other drivers safety as well.

  • If the damage impairs the driver’s visibility, you should consider replacing the windshield instead of repairing it.


Advantages of Replacing Car Glass

It takes almost three hours to replace a windshield in most cases. It is more expensive but the safest option because it restores full structural integrity. It is safer to replace windshields with cracks going all the way to the end of the frame than to continue driving with a damaged windshield.

By replacing the windshield, you get full visibility. A repaired chip or crack may be comparatively less clear. Read further for tips about what you should do if your windshield is damaged, how to repair, or replace it by claiming insurance.

In this condition, it is best to call us to examine the damage and determine if your windshield needs repair or replacement. Rest assured that we would choose the best possible alternative to minimize your expenses and to ensure optimum safety at the same time.

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Will my windshield look the same?

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If you have not installed a tint after the repair or replacement of the windshield, the glass will look the same in all respects, if not better. Here at Denton Auto Glass Repair, we ensure that the shade of tinted glass is the same as original factory installation standards.

If your original windshield came with inbuilt electronics like heated windshields and antennas, don’t worry; we will be giving you the same type of windshield in replacement.

We pride ourselves on being the best windshield repair and windshield replacement service provider for all your auto glass requirements in the Denton area!




Windshield Repair and Replacement Services: 

  • small crack in windshield, fix cracked windshield in denton tx near meWindow Tint
  • Windshield Replacement
  • Windshield Chip Repair
  • Power Window Repair
  • Vehicle Wrap
  • Partial Wrap
  • Residential Glass Replacement
  • Residential Glass Repair
  • Commercial Glass Replacement
  • Commercial Glass Repair
  • Front and Rear Door Glass
  • Side Mirrors
  • Back Windows
  • We Cover All Auto Glass

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